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Peaks District

[Lyme Park, Derbyshire]


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Lyme Park, a National Trust property located in the Peaks District (county Derbyshire). If it looks familiar at all, then it would be to those romantics who watched the BBC series 'Pride and Prejudice', where Lyme Park featured as Darcy's Home.



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[Lyme Park with Mike]


[Lyme Park front detail]

^Detail at front of Lyme Park building

> Jane, our friend from Oz in the central courtyard of Lyme Park


  Lyme Park is one of the more popular National Trust properties. Being great fans of 'Pride and Prejudice', Jane and I had wanted to see Lyme Park. Only the exteriors were used in the series. Nevertheless the place did not disappoint - with extensive parklands, gardens and lovely sandstone buildings.      
      [Peaks District May 2002]   < The Peaks District area coming early into winter, May 2002. This was taken near our favourite rural B&B.    
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