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Hurghada, Red Sea, May 2003:

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  [Iraq]   aaaah water to do die for... Mike and I were off to the Red Sea for a week's diving. Me, to finally get my diver's ticket which Mike had been nagging me about for years and Mike, well, to dive, of course.    



A package deal saw us staying on the beachfront (most hotels in Hurghada are) at the Hilton Resort. Photo on right shows us partway through the week, slowly getting some colour back on our skins. The resort town of Hurghada is basically a satellite town built for tourists. Most of the Eqyptians living in the area are working in relation to the hotel, food and tour industries. Staff mentioned working 3 weeks straight with one week off to be flown back to their home towns. Below is the view looking out from beachfront at the resort at dusk. Had to be quick in the morning to bags a beach lounge...

  [Shirley and Mike at Hilton Resort, Hurghada]    
      [Hilton Hurghada Reosrt]    

Photo at right is my dive instructor Chris, a Belgian, with me on the dive boat. We had been out that day for my first sea dives. A downturn in tourism, due to the Iraq war and scaremongering, meant some tourists were staying away. Not good for the local industry but very fortunate for Mike and I. I was in a class of one for my dive course. On this day, Mike and I were the only clients on a dive boat that could have easily taken 40 people.

Unfortunately we don't have an underwater camera (though I am sure Mike is plotting somehow to buy one) so can't adequately show how wonderful the reef was. The amount of marine life was fantastic - in particular, spotted manta rays and lion fish. Mike did an advanced course to upgrade his divers ticket along with several wreck dives (which had me eating my heart out).


  [Chris and Shirley at sea]    
      [Shirley on boat, Red Sea]  

[Mike on boat, Red Sea]











      Hurghada coastline, Red Sea]    
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