[England] [Inside the Iraq war]          

March 2003:


Mike was sent by Sky News to cover the Iraq War. He was embedded with the British Royal Marines.
Here's his pics and story.

[Scotland]   [Sunset over Marine camp]   < Sunset over a British Royal Marine camp just north of Kuwait.    
[Quick Escapes]          
  [Iraq map]          




      [Mike filming]   < Me filming some pieces before the upcoming invasion.    
      [British marines in jeep]   < British marines going through their paces for the cameras. These are the guys at the sharp end.    
      [Mike's tent]  

< My blue tent in the background with the cooking facilities in the foreground. This was home, a few kilometres south of the Iraq border. You can see the English square ration pack on the table; which contained sachets of prepared food that were heated in the cooking pot.












V Crossing live to Sky News during the period just before the kick-off. The outside of our minders' camoflauged home in the background, similar to the one we used. Great for keeping cool and out of the hot sun.

      [Filming live for SkyTV]    
      [Helicopter with Marines]    
      [Helicopter lift-off]    
      [Various landmines on road south of Basra]  

^ Shots of the chinooks under the moonlight preparing to head into Iraq. No white light allowed. Great shot of the static from the sand hitting the blades.








< While filming with the smitars just south of Basra we came upon this road covered with all types of mines. You can see a oil fire in the background which was on the outskirts of Basra, Iraq.

Most of the country south of Basra was typical salt pan - a thin firm crust of salty mud on top covering a smelly, muddy quagmire underneath. Near impossible to travel over.

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