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May and October 2002:

Mike made two trips to Mongolia - both work-related. Here is his story...

The Vaccine Fund was undertaking a vaccination programme there and wanted footage of how the programme was being implemented. It was a great opportunity for me to see and experience that part of the world.

May 2002, the first trip

Write a couple of lines intro for first trip here Mike!!! sometime ths year would be good....

[Mongolia map]      

[Mike and Eckart]

^ Myself and Eckart in front of --------


[Quick Escapes]


[Mike and kids at Ulaanbaatar]

^ Two Mongolian boys and myself overlooking Ulaanbaatar


[Chegall and Eckart]

  < Jargal, our guide and Eckart at prayer flags site    

[Mongolian countryside]

^ Mongolian countryside


[Mongolian shepherd]



^ Mongolian shepherd



> Mongolian family in traditional home - a ger hut

  [family in ger hut]    
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