[England] [Mongolia, camels and snow?]          

October 2002

[Belgium]   [aerial shot of Mongolia]   [aerial shot of Mongolia in snow]    
[Mongolia map]        

[Quick Escapes]

. [Spain]  

^ Flying over Mongolia to ????



[driving into Gobi desert]


  < Driving into the Gobi Desert?    
      [Kharkhorin walls]   < Walls of Kharkhorin? town    
  .   [gates into Kharkhorin]  

< Jargal coming through doors of gate into Kharkhorin?











V Camped out in the snow in country - note the ger huts



  .   [Grandmother and granddaughter]  

[mongolian grandchild]



[Eckart, Mongolian family and Mike]


  ^ < Mongolian family we stayed with, out in the desert    

[Russina mural]



< Russian mural on building in ?










V Whoever thought that camels and snow would go together?


[Camels in snow]



[Mike filming in countryside]


      [Blizzard in Mongolia]  

^ Filming out in the countryside in the snow


< Blizzard conditions whilst driving


V Jargal, our guide and me

      [Miliking goats in Mongolia]  

[Jargal and Mike]

< Time to milk the goats

V Mongolian with his camels

  .   [Camels in Mongolia]    
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