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Mid June 2001:

  [upward to the Acropolis]    
  [Malta]   [Mike climbing Acropolis]  

^ The Acropolis, with walkway entrance to left of pic.


< Mike making his way through various temples on the side of the Acropolis.


V The backend of the Parthenon - spectacular from any angle.

  [Quick Escapes]        







Tired of looking at our ugly mugs? then fall asleep reading the travelogue


[Parthenon, Athens]


Forgive the slightly blurred edges in some of the photos. Mike had just brought a fish eye lens and tested it out on this particular trip. It's blurring of edges has since made it a glorified dust collector.

  [Kythnos Island, Cyclades]    

^ A cove on the island of Kythnos - very secluded for mooring overnight.


< Me sitting in front of what was an anomaly - a pink paint job as opposed to the usual traditional blue on the island of Paros.

  .   [Mike drinking on Paros]   [Dave drinking on Paros]    
  .   [Paros streetscape]  

^ Mike on left and Dave on right - beers to quench a thirst.


< Typical streetscape in the village of Naoussa on the island of Paros, very clean and serene. Just love the crazy paving!

  .   [Noussa harbour windmill]   < Windmill at harbour entrance in town of Parikia, on island of Paros. Waited here to catch the ferry to Santorini.    
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