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February 2007:


[Marrakech roofscape]

^ View of Marrakech rooftops and Atlas Mountains from Riad Dar Hanane's rooftop terrace - sitting area to right foreground of photo

[Riad Dar Hanane room].

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[Hannah decorating windows].


^ Our suite on the second floor of Riad Dar Hanane. Windows at left overlook central courtyard. Bathroom tucked behind arch to left of bed. Arch to right of bed had stairs leading to a mezzanine level with another bed.

< Hannah decorating the windows with her pony stickers - thankfully the non-adhesive kind...








V Relaxing down at ground level in the central courtyard of Riad Dar Hanane.


[Riad courtyard].


< Getting ready to go out for another spot of sightseeing. This time we were in a room on the ground floor.














[Riad courtyard2]..

< Bird's eye view from above the riad's courtyard.






V Majorelle Gardens - an oasis of colourful calm on the edge of Marrakech.

      [Majorelle Gardens]    

[Majorelle Gardens arch].

  < Covered walkway in Majorelle Gardens.    

[Hanna and Shirley in MJ].


< Hannah and I posing in Majorelle Gardens.













V< Hannah patting a resident of Majorelle Gardens. This cat was pregnant and when I mentioned that it had kittens in its tummy, Hannah said that the cat must have ate them to get them there!

V One of the fancy window grills and surrounds on the museum standing in the Majorelle Gardens.


[Hannah patting cat]

      [Majorelle Gardens pond].  

< Another view of Majorelle Gardens - this one showing the main pond.












V< Children playing in the residential alleys of Marrakech.

V Self-explanatory - a beautifully coloured carpet. Looking at it now, I wished we had brought it...

      [Children alley-playing ].      
      [residential souk].    
      [market stalls].      
      [Souk scene]  
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