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April 2007:


[Giralda tower]

  < A first glimpse of La Giralda, the tower attached to Seville's Catedral.    
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[Sevilla Cathedral]

  < Seville's Catedral, the second largest gothic cathedral in the world. Note the little rill waterways running through the pavement.    
      [inside Sevilla Cathdedral]   < Inside the Catedral, gazing at the magnificent organ pipes and height of the naves.    

[Columbus tomb]

  < Inside the Seville Catedral, looking towards Colombus' Tomb. The pallbearer statues are lifesize and made of such materials as alabaster and leather - stunning.    
      [climbing Giralda tower]  

< View of Seville from partway up la Giralda tower. You can see Sevilla's bull ring in mid-distance.

      [Giralda bells]  

< Waiting for la Giralda's bells to ring on the hour, having climbed many ramps to get there....












v Side view of Catedral and La Giralda from Alcazar exit. Note the horse and carriages awaiting tourists....

      [Giralda back]    
      [Torre del Oro]  

< Hannah and Mike along Seville's riverside promenade with the Torre del Oro in background.










v View of Plaza de Espana with its semi-circle canal.

vv Plaza de Espana's main entrance with fountain in front

      [Plaza de Espana]    
      [Plaza de Espana fountain]    
      [Hannah promenading]   < Hannah walking and singing along the Calle San Fernando - one of the main pedestrian esplanades. Tram tracks have been laid for the proposed electric trams. The little bower bird has her usual quota of local flora in her hands...    
      [Alcazar early room]   < Just inside the Alcazar, the first room to be seen is the Sala de Justica and through the arch Patio del Yeso - a ponded patio garden is visible. Here I am trying to explain to Hannah that the little watercourse (rill) which runs through the room's floor and out into the pond, is a decorative feature and not for her to dip her feet in!    
      [Patio de la Monteria, Alcazar]  

< Our first glimpse of the Patio de la Monteria, the largest courtyard of the Alcazar, Seville. The facade ahead is the front of the Palacio de Don Pedro.












v Detail of Palacio de Don Pedro front facade. The inscriptions and artistic style combine both Spanish and Muslim influence.

      [detail of Patio de la Monteria]    
      [Patio de las Doncellas]  

< Standing on the terraces surrounding Patio de las Doncellas. This is probably the most photographed area of the Alcazar. Note the detailed sculpting on the inside of terracing as well as the outside.











v Patio de las Doncellas (Courtyard of the Maidens). I loved the way the orange trees were sunken, so that originally, people could walk along the walkway and have oranges to pick at arms length.

      [Patio de las Doncellas again]    

[Hannah and Shirley, Alcazar]

^ Having a rest and admiring the architecture in Alcazar.


[detail of windows in Alcazar]

^ Detail of windows in Patio de las Munecas, Alcazar. This was an internal patio located in a maze of rooms forming part of the Palacio de Don Pedro.


^ Hannah running around the empty space of Cuarto del Principe room, Alcazar.

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